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With our years of knowledge we are able to answer almost any question no matter how unique.

Below we have an ever growing list of frequently asked questions asked by our customers.

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What is the Difference Between Butane and Propane Gas?

The main difference between butane and propane gas is that propane does not freeze until it is colder than -40°c, whereas butane will freeze at anything lower than 0°c. So propane can be used all year round but butane is only suitable for touring in the warmer months. We sell both butane and propane calor gas. Butane is in the blue cylinders and propane in the red. You can use either in most caravans and motorhomes.

Does A Motorhome Need A Special MOT?

A motorhome only needs a regular class 4 MOT that you get for your car. However, make sure you double check that the garage you have chosen can accommodate a motorhome MOT. Some of the testing bays are too small for some of the larger models, so you could risk a wasted journey.

The habitation area of the motorhome will need a separate service. This generally cannot be done at a car garage but can be done at a caravan and motorhome service centre.

If you need to book your motorhome in for a habitation service, give our aftersales and workshop team a call on 01772 685949 and we’ll be happy to book you in.

Do I Need a Separate TV License While I’m Away?

If you’re in a touring caravan or motorhome, you do not need an additional TV license for watching or recording while you’re away as it will be covered under your home TV license.
Static caravans are also exempt from needing an additional license as long as you don’t watch/record from your home and caravan at the same time.

How Long Do Parts Take To Arrive?

Delivery times vary depending on the manufacturer/supplier we order the part from. Our team will endeavor to give you an estimated time of arrival and keep you up to date if the manufacturer or supplier is experiencing any delays and will “chase” the part on your behalf if there are any undue delays.

Do I need caravan insurance?

It is not a legal requirement to insure a towed caravan, however, it is certainly advisable. A caravan for many is a substantial investment, and it makes sense to protect it as you would your car or home in case something should happen to it.

How Do I Winterise?

Take a look at our video explaining how to fully winterise your caravan or motorhome:

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Do I need a special motor mover for my twin axle caravan?

Yes. Generally a single axle caravan can be rotated on the spot but a twin axle cannot, so a different motor mover is required. At Preston Caravans and Motorhomes we stock a variety of motor movers and can fit them in our service centre for you.

PowrTouch offer a selection of manual and automatic motormovers. They have models designed to move a single axle, a twin axle and one that will move all 4 wheels of the caravan.

Powrtouch Evolution AWD Video – click here to watch

Truma have been developing innovative manoevring systems for caravans for over 15 years. There’s a model for most caravans with features and requirements for every budget.

click here to watch

Purple Line offer a range of motor movers all designed and developed to improve of features where others may lack. Their motormovers provide a range of features and precision when moving your caravan. Purple Line – Caravan Movers on Test – click here to watch

What are the different types of heating?

Caravans come with a variety of different heating options, dependant on manufacturer, range and price. Each of them have their perks and are often combined with a gas or electric space heater inside the caravan. Most new caravans will have Grade 3 Thermal Insulation and Heating. This means that a steady internal temperature of 20°C+ can be maintained when outside it is -15°C.

Blown air heating can be found in many caravans and can be delivered from an on-board heating system such as a Truma Combi Heater.

Truma Combi Video – click here to watch

Whale offer blown air heating from an Underfloor Mounted Heater which is unique in the way that it frees up space inside the caravan and is quieter in operation.

The higher specification models offer a wet central heating system from Alde and is similar to what you might have at home.

How often should a caravan or motorhome be serviced?

Caravans and motorhomes need to be serviced regularly to keep them in good working order and to can prevent a problem before in happens. We advise a full service every year, at Preston Caravans and Motorhomes our technicians are fully qualified to conduct a full service of your caravan or motorhome. Most manufacturers insist on an annual service as a condition for caravans and motorhomes protected under warranty agreements.