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Inaca Stela 350 Awning


Available in three versions: Standard in 250 cms, extra space at 300 cms and 350 cms deep.

It is an attractive awning, balancing strong, finely designed features while boasting an elegant combination of colours such as light grey and silver. Our ultimate goal is to create an outstanding product in the caravanning market, the Stella balances ambient levels of light with space and comfort to achieve this.

The front wall, with three/four fixed transparent windows and one/two detachable doors that may be moved in any direction, allows for all possibilities of variation. Each side panel features one door and a roll down window with mosquito net.

Models in 300/350 version will also provide a fix window. The whole awning may be completely closed, transformed into a veranda, or into a sun canopy.

Awning Size

Size 10 (875-900cm), Size 11 (900-925cm), Size 12 (925-950cm), Size 13 (950-975cm), Size 14 (975-1000cm), Size 15 (1000-1025cm), Size 16 (1025-1050cm), Size 17 (1050-1075cm), Size 18 (1075-1100cm), Size 19 (1100-1125cm), Size 20 (1125-1150cm), Size 21 (1150-1175cm), Size 22 (1175-1200cm), Size 4 (725-750cm), Size 5 (750-775cm), Size 6 (775-800cm), Size 7 (800-825cm), Size 8 (825-850cm), Size 9 (850-875cm)







Frame Material


Roof Material

PVA coated polyester

Wall Material

PVA coated polyester