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Beat the 2020 Motorhome Tax Increase!

Due to ruling by the European Parliament, the VED for a new motorhome will increase from £265 (PLG rate) to £2,135 – a 705% increase – plus there will be significant higher ongoing yearly tax costs (for a further five years). These are set to come into effect next year.

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The National Caravan Council are lobbying to reconsider motorhomes under this new taxing banding. They state:

The new emissions regulations are important, and it is correct that the taxation system encourages new car owners to choose cleaner efficient engines from the vast range of engines and models available. However, because motorhomes have commercial engines, new owners do not have this choice. Due to their unique classification, motorhomes will now attract the highest car tax even if the cleanest most efficient engine is installed.

Motorhomes, unlike cars, are only used for holidays and short breaks – on average 5,000 miles per year. They should not be classified as a car.

UPDATE: A petition has been launched to ask the government to reconsider this increase. You can find it here: 

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If we are not in the EU in 2020 what’s it got to do with them

Hi Mick, the ruling by the European Parliment is to accept a new form of testing the fuel efficiency of vehicles – the World Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure, which was developed by the United Nations.
Although we may not be in the EU by April 2020, the road taxation has been decided in advance using the WHLVTP, and it seems likely our Treasury will continue to use that system to define the road tax.
A petition has been launched to appeal the Motorhome tax – I’ll add a link to the post above.

So once again we are to be taxed to extinction. What about M6 toll charge as well. Don’t know what HGV road tax`s are but are we going to pay the same? As above we all probably cover 5k/6k miles a year. Come along government, make a decision, get off the fence, mind the splinters (as we all wait for brexit with bated breath) and sort it out.

At leased us motor homers are not spending deadly diseases about ,unlike the poluting airplane holidaying lot.[Even those greenos hypocriticly fly]. Why not charge them another thousand pounds when they get a ticket.

The 2020 Budget has reversed this increase and from the 12th of March the VED returns to the previous system, i.e. Motorhomes under 3500kg are taxed at £265 (£270 from April) in the PLG category.

Hi Peter,

Yes, a great success for the industry! You can see the full statement from the NCC on our news post from yesterday –

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