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Blackpool Road, Preston, Lancs, PR4 0XL

COVID-19 Information & Updates

UPDATED 12/04/2021

We are now fully reopened!

COVID Safety Measures in Place

Unless medically exempt, masks must be worn in all inside areas, and we ask that you maintain social distancing when browsing outdoors as well.

Similarly, where possible we ask that you limit the amount of people attending collections or appointments etc. You are more than welcome to film or video call handovers.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the dealership, and we encourage all customers to make use of it.

Rearranged Appointments

All appointments booked in for on or after the 12th April will go ahead as normal unless you have been otherwise informed by ourselves. All appointments that have been postponed during this lockdown time that have not already been rearranged will be scheduled now we have been given our opening date.

When Can I Take My Caravan or Motorhome on Holiday?

Travel outside of your local area is permitted from the 29th March 2021, whilst domestic overnight stays and trips in self-contained accommodation are allowed from the 12th April 2021. With this in mind, we will continue to work to allow socially distanced collections of caravans and motorhomes where possible, so that our customers are ready to make the most of the new freedoms allowed.

Shared facilities on caravan sites (shower blocks etc) can be used from 17th May 2021.




Most manufacturers are still able to operate, and we are still taking regular deliveries at our dealership. As soon as we are able to arrange collection dates with you, we will be in touch directly.


ELDDIS (inc Xplore, Buccaneer, Compass)

We are currently hearing from Customers who are due their Annual Service and concerned about what to do during the Coronavirus restrictions.
Please do not worry.
We understand that the restrictions currently in place may affect your ability to present your vehicle for a pre-booked annual habitation service.
During this period, we will not penalise our Customers for a late service, provided that the service is carried out as soon as possible once the situation is resolved.
You do not need to contact our Customer Care team to rearrange. Please liaise with your Service Agent (Preston Caravans and Motorhomes) to reschedule.
In the meantime, we want you and your family to stay safe and look forward to future motorhome and caravan adventures.
SWIFT (inc. Sprite)
The Swift Group recognise that the disruption caused by the COVID19 situation may have disrupted your planned annual service of your caravan or motorhome. To help you, we have relaxed our servicing rules to avoid any unnecessary pressure and we are allowing all customers whose service was due between the 23rd March 2020 and the 31st December an extra six months to complete their annual service. Please note that there is no need to contact the Swift Group to inform us of any delays, as long as you book your annual service as soon as you can we will ensure that your warranty remains valid. Please note that you can have your caravan or motorhome serviced at your supplying Dealer or any AWS Approved Centre.

Comments (38)

I am just wondering if you could answer a question about our caravan please. It is due in to your service department for it’s one year service next week. Quite rightly you are closed. Will Elddis extend the time frame for services to be completed because of the circumstances?
Many thanks Helen Boyd-Leach

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Helen, I hope you are keeping safe and well. Yes both Elddis and Swift are extending the time frame, so you won’t be penalised. I’ll add this to the statement now so you can read their extension policy in full. Warm regards, Charlotte

Hello Stephen my caravan is due it’s first service in March it’s an Ellis 554 how do I get on with the service thanks

Hi Stephen, if you email us at our service team will be able to give you updates on when we can get your service booked in for.

Sheila and David Lennon

We were due to pick up our CV20 on the 23rd April but fully understand that that is now not possible.
We would like to give a big thank you to Mike Shaw, he has been so helpful and a real credit to your company.
Looking forward to picking up our campervan when the country is back to normal.
Hope you all stay safe and well.
Best wishes
Sheila and David

Thank you so much for that lovely message Sheila and David, I will pass it on to Mike and I’m sure it will brighten up his day during this strange time!
Warm regards, Charlotte

We have a 2018 Chausson 768xlb which is boojed in for habitatservice April 28th prior to two years old. Will Chausson be extending period for service beyond due dates?
I am also in the grouping where there is a 12 week isolation period, how will this affect things?

Hi Mr Hughes,
I believe that they are also allowing 3 months flexibility on habitation services, however I’m just awaiting an official statement from them that I can update our statement with. As soon as they post one I’ll get it straight up here. Warm regards, Charlotte

(Peter) Ian Howarth

I’m still waiting a response from your service department that I raised on 23 January 2020. It concerns a spare part and warranty

Hello Mr Howarth,
Unfortunately our entire site is closed due to the Covid-19 shut down of businesses, as are most of our parts suppliers.
As soon as we’re allowed back to work, we’ll be working through our existing orders and enquiries, and rebooking any warranty, repair or service appointments that have been missed due to the government regulations.
Thanks for your patience in this strange time, we hope you are keeping safe and well.

Thank you for your response Charlotte. I look forward to you reopening.

I bought a Baily from you last Nov which is now three years old. In Feb this year you carried out a damp check to keep the water ingress warranty valid.
Your service engineer found a small amount of damp near the nearside wheel arch and asked me to return in May to recheck.
Would you let me know your thoughts on this please has I am concerned how this could effect me.

Hi Mr Heyes,
As soon as we are allowed to be up and running again we will be honouring all existing appointments and able to make new ones. If we are unable to do this by May, we will reschedule with you as soon as we are able to. Many manufacturers and warranty providers are offering leniency on their warranty as they understand the unprecedented nature of our current situation.
I hope this helps and that you are safe and well.
Kind regards,

We puchases a new elddis encore from yourselves 25thMay 2019 and we have a few items on the van that need fixing.The silocone joint on the exterior body panels is splitting .A few of the door hinges have come off/loose.The kitchen sink waste leaks.
I called in to see yoy just before the cvid 19 shut down,and your sales advisor Mr Dan Short told me to contact either Joe or Stuart on your main landline phone number.I am also missing the peugeot service interval guide,can you please email me this item?
I have checked my motorhome this morning and statred the engine,a yellow engine warning light came on and a message saying stop and check engine.Can you please adivse who i should contact as i would presume this will be covered with the vehicles warranty.The motorhome as only done 2300 miles. Vehicle registration is PO19DZW.
I await your reply.
Regards Darren Winning

Hi Mr Winning,
As soon as we are allowed to be back up and running, our aftersales will certainly be able to book you in to rectify the issues in your habitation area.
Unfortunately I am unable to access customer details while off site so my answer may be a little vague, however you should be able to find a Peugeout Service Guide and advice on your engine warning light on the Peugeot site –
Hope you are safe and well.
Kind regards,

Hi we were meant to pick our brand new caravan up on the 9th of April obviously your closed now I was just wondering what is going to happen now kind regards Emma

Hi Emma,
As soon as we are allowed to be back up and running, we’ll be rescheduling all collections and appointments that we’ve had to miss out on.
Hopefully business restrictions will be lifted soon and you’ll be able to get out and enjoy what is shaping up to be a sunny spring and summer!
Hope you are safe and well.
Kind regards,

I’m due to pick up my new Elddis affinity on 6th May I understand you are closed, but are Elddis still in production?

Hi Steve,
Unfortunately I won’t be able to access the build schedule off-site for Elddis to confirm if your Affinity has already been built and/or delivered, but as soon as we’re back up and running we’ll be able to give you a call to rearrange your collection date.
Hope you are safe and well, warm regards, Charlotte

Michael Brotherton


We bought a new Elddis last April so it is due its annual service round about now. We didn’t get round to booking a service date before the lockdown happened and the statement from Elddis states they will not penalise customers for a “pre-booked” service. Will the fact we hadn’t pre booked and rgd service is now overdue be a problem?

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Mr Brotherton,
As far as I’m aware, the key factor is in booking in for a service as soon as you are able to following the lifting off the lockdown restrictions, rather than in providing proof you had pre booked your annual service. Warm regards and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Charlotte

Hi We were booked in for our two year service on 5th May and quite rightly this has been cancelled . I am just wondering whether you will pick up on services where you left off, or whether we will have to go to the back of the queue before the service can be done. Many thanks

Hi Mrs Rice, as soon as we’re open we will be ensuring that all our customers who have had to miss out on the service they have booked in are able to have their caravan or motorhome habitation serviced within the extended time frame provided by the manufacturer, so that your warranty remains valid. Keep safe, and fingers crossed we’ll be able to give you a call soon to rebook you in! I hope this helps. Warm regards, Charlotte.

Hi Charlotte, hope your keeping well
Can you help please
We are due collect our Ellis 194 supreme at the end of June but not to register the motorhome without contacting us first. Can I please ask that we now move this to September please for the new half year registration instead.
Hope you understand as these are very difficult situations for us all.

Paul Parkinson was our sales manager, he has our details on file.
Could you let us know that this has been noted.
Many thanks

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Terry,
Yes, all well and good so far, I hope you are as well.
I’ll pass your message on to Paul Parkinson and to our motorhome sales manager Mike Shaw and ask them to get back to you as soon as possible to confirm they can do this for you.
Warm Regards,

Collection of my new van back at the end of March was obviously postponed due to Corona. I’ve had word from my car dealer that they are re-opening soon and been able to re-arrange a similarly delayed MOT/service. Do you have any idea yet when you might be able to re-open and collection will be available?

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Col,

Thank you for getting in touch. We are currently waiting for clarification from the government on when we can reopen, hopefully when the full documentation is released this week we will be able to get plans in place to rearrange all collections and appointments.
Thank you so much for your patience thus far.

Hi Charlotte,

Now that we are allowed to travel, are you able to let me know when we can have access to the storage area?

Many Thanks

Tony Wellings

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Tony, as soon as we have clarification from the government that we can safely reopen, I will email all our storage customers to let them know the storage reopening date, and any safety measures we will have to put in place. Hopefully we’ll know definitively this week.
Many thanks for your patience.

Hi Charlotte,

I hope you and all the team are keeping well.

We purchased a van the Elddis Supreme 554 from you at the NEC in February, which we are really looking forward to.

Obviously noone knows when the Elddis factory will be starting to build again, and therefore when we will be able pick up the van, we are trading ours in as well.

It seems that’s deliveries are aloud no matter what the travel restrictions are, so would an option be possible later if travel restrictions are restricted again, for you guys to deliver the new van and pick up the tradein, we would would be willing to pay a fee?

The issue for us would be if they applied a max distance you can travel as we live in Norwich.

Just an idea.

Also any idea what’s happening regarding the builds at the factories, as any info you have would be great for all of us who are waiting for news.

Apologies as we understand everyone is finding it difficult to find out anything in any industry at the moment.


Steve and Ali

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Steve and Ali,

Thankfully everyone is alright so far, we hope you are both keeping well too.

Follwing the government announcement on Sunday, we understand Elddis are anticipating a phased return to work from 26th May, with delivery of already built caravans and motorhomes to dealerships beginning 1st June, and production lines restarting 15th June.

At the moment, we are working out what the safest and most efficient ways will be for us to honour all our upcoming collections, and reschedule ones that have had to be postponed, once the government restrictions allow us to open to the public, and we get a revised build schedule from the manufacturers.

Currently, the main issue with delivery is while the driving to and from would seemingly be allowed under the guidance, inspecting the trade in and providing the necessary handover would be difficult whilst keeping yourselves and our dispatcher safe and following government regulations. However, we may be able to revise this as we get new information through with the daily government updates.

Thank you for sending the suggestion through though – out of the box thinking is going to be key during these very unusual times! And thank you for your patience, we know everyone is keen to start enjoying their new caravans and motorhomes as soon as they safely can.

Warm regards,


Thanks Charlotte for the very helpful reply.

Steve and Ali

Hi Charlotte
I had my van in for warranty repair on the 7th April which was cancelled because of the lockdown can you please inform me of how you are going to deal with the backlog of work you will have when you return to work,I hope that the backlog will take preference to be completed before work booked in on your return. I lost the best part of last year because of warranty repair and I don’t want to lose this year as well
Yours Hopefully
Mr M Cummings

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Mr Cummings,
We will be honouring our existing bookings from 1st June when we anticipate we’ll be open again, so we are not compounding the issue and creating a new backlog of postponed appointments. However, we will be rebooking everyone in who has had a postponed workshop appointment and will be giving them priority in the diary over new bookings. I will pass on your message to our aftersales team, and they can contact you via the email you have provided to rearrange your warranty work on a date convenient to you.
Warm regards,

Mr Julain Greaves-Smith

Hi Charlette
I sent an email about a week ago but obviously you are busy trying to sort out the problems that are arising. I have read the above comments from Steven Moon and wondered if my circumstances might have a similar outcome.
I was due to collect my new motorhome from you the day after you closed down for the Coronavirus restrictions. I am presuming that as I was due to collect next day it would have been virtually ready as the appointment was for lunchtime. Could I suggest the answer to my situation could be a delivery 22miles away in Southport. The caravan I am changing is stored inside with electric and plenty of room for inspection or could be moved into the open very easily, Likewise the motorhome can be explained in the same circumstances inside or out.
This would of course mean an extra vehicle from youselves to return the caravan to youre premises but it might make the situation a bit easier for us both as I find myself in the “Dangerous vulnerable 70s plus group “.
thanks for youre help
Julian Greaves-Smith

Charlotte Campbell

Hi Julian,
Thank you for your enquiry – we certainly appreciate that many of our customers are keen to be able to use their new caravans and motorhomes while keeping safe, especially when in the “vulnerable” category.
Currently, we are not able to deliver motorhomes or caravans that are due for collection. As mentioned with Steve and Ali below, the main issue with delivery is while the driving to and from would seemingly be allowed under the guidance, inspecting the trade in and providing the necessary handover would be difficult whilst keeping yourselves and our dispatcher safe and following government regulations. Motorhomes have the added issue of requiring staff to share a vehicle to return home, which is currently not allowed under guidance. However, we may be able to revise this as we get new information through with the daily government updates.
Warm regards and keep safe,

Hi we were due to collect our new caravan On 3rd April obviously that could happen we are trading in out caravan against the new one can you confirm what plans there are for dealing with this and will you be contacting us direct or do we need to contact you …Also will the shop be opening from the 1st



Charlotte Campbell

Hi Mr Brown,
We are working our way through rebooking in collections that had to be postponed due to the lockdown, however you can certainly contact us direct to book in on 01772 685949. Yes, I can confirm the accessories shop and awnings will be open from the 1st. They will look a little different with supermarket style distancing measures, but we’ll still have all our great products available!
Masks, gloves and antibacterial will be available for customers and staff, and we’ll be offering video handovers to help limit contact during your collection.
Warm regards, Charlotte.

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