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How Do I Measure For Awnings?

It’s a common question among caravanners new to awnings or touring altogether, and luckily, it’s an “easy when you know how” task!

Before we begin, check online or in your manual to see if your awning size is listed – it should be in centimetres.

Not there? Here’s how to measure yourself:

Firstly, make sure your caravan is level and is loaded, so you can be as accurate as possible.

Next, starting at the ground directly below, measure right round the caravan using the picture guide in this article (most caravans have an awning rail or channel you can follow, which makes life easier). You should end measuring when you reach the ground directly below on the other side. If you don’t have a big enough tape measure, a ball of string will usually go all the way round, and you can measure the length of that afterwards.

When you’ve got the size in centimetres, you can use this to determine which size awning you will need. Different manufacturers size differently (for example, 790cm would be a size 800 in Kampa and size 6 in Suncamp).

If you’re having any difficulty, give our awnings team a call on 01772 685949, and they’ll be happy to help you figure out what you need.

Supreme awning guide

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Comments (4)

Hi I have a Elddis supreme 636 could you please help me . I’m looking for a awning but I’m not sure what size I need could you please advice me. Thank you 2016 model

Hi Jayne, apologies for the delay it seems your comment wound up in our “spam” folder somehow!
It really depends on the kind of awning you want, e.g if you want a full or porch awning, or if you want an air awning etc.
If you want to give Stephen or Brian in awnings a call on 01772 685949 they’ll be happy to run through all your options and find the perfect model for you. Or if you’d prefer, you can email me with your phone number I can arrange for them to call you. My email is
Kind regards,


I have had a peugeot partner tepee converted into a mini camper and wondering if i can get a awning for it i would like a air awning and some advice on how to fit it as I have no connection onto the van

Charlotte Campbell

No problem – contact Gill in awnings on email or call 01772 685949 and we’ll be happy to give you advice on this

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