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Winterising Video Guide

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If you aren’t using them over the winter months, it is essential that you winterise your caravan or motorhome.

Winterising is the number one essential storage tip for a caravan or motorhome, and without doing it you are likely to find hassle and expense coming your way when you take it out to tour again.

Why is winterising important?

Winterising prepares your caravan for being unused for a long period of time in cold or freezing temperatures. It protects your caravan from cracked pipes, damp, infestation and other unpleasantness that you don’t want your caravan or motorhome to suffer.

Every year we receive calls in our Repair Centre for damage done by cold, frost and rodents that could easily have been prevented by winterising. Don’t let it happen to you!

Is winterising difficult?

Fortunately, winterising is relatively simple when you know how. It takes a bit of time, but can easily done in one trip. It’s definitely worth a little effort to thoroughly winterise, so you can go home happy in the knowledge your vehicle will be in good condition when you come back to it.

When should I winterise my caravan or motorhome?

You can winterise your caravan as soon as you have taken it on its last trip of the year, or whenever you know there is going to be a significant break until your next outing. Winterising should be done before the weather gets to freezing temperatures, to avoid any cracked pipes or issues with your caravan or motorhome’s plumbing. However, it is not advisable to wait that long if you can help it and are not using your vehicle. As soon as the temperature drops, pests and bugs like to take shelter from the cold – so don’t give them a free pass to your cosy 4 berth!

If you have any questions regarding winterising or storage, our staff will be more than happy to assist you, either at our Clifton dealership or over the phone at 01772 685949.

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