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Travelling Full Time? It CAN Be Done!

meek family

For many caravanners and motorhome users, holidays and weekends are their only chance to hit the road, escape from the daily grind and reconnect with their family. But the Meeks, proud owners of an Elddis Autoquest, have decided that life is too short to confine their quality time.

They’ve quit their jobs, sold their house, and taken the kids out of school – to live a lifestyle that will strike a chord with families everywhere.

Preston Caravans and Motorhomes was lucky enough to get an interview with them to find out more about their “EdVenture”.

The Meek family trekking up Cachiporrilla Peak in Spain
The Meek family trekking up Cachiporrilla Peak in Spain

What was the main factor in your decision to change lifestyle?

The main driving force behind our decision to radically change our lifestyle was disillusionment; we as teachers were disillusioned with our jobs and the girls with their learning. We were all in a rutt and living for the weekend. Having dedicated weekends to trying to get out more and push ourselves, we wanted to tip the balance and do more of what we enjoyed. The house tied us to one area. The job and school ate up many hours in the week so we decided to sell the house, give up the jobs and take our girls out of school.

What advice would you give to people inspired by your story?

Family life is too precious to waste. Focus on what is important and make that your priority. Life is about DOING not HAVING and in particular DOING more with your family. You don’t want to look back when the kids have grown up and wish you’d spent more time together. You don’t need to make a radical lifestyle change; leave work on time (or early), get home, get out and DO something with your family. Try to make family life more adventurous, exciting and memorable.

What has been your best experience in the caravan so far?

The girls would probably say sleepovers in “Ellie” our caravan. Ella in particular loved celebrating her birthday in the caravan last summer with four other friends. The party spilled outside but the girls all loved snuggling down together in the beds at the end of the night.
We see the caravan as a base – a very comfortable one. It has allowed us to explore further and provided us with a wealth of memorable experiences.

How would you rate the Xplore caravan?

The Meeks now travel in an Elddis Autoquest
The Meeks now travel in an Elddis Autoquest

We had never been in a caravan (as a family) before so were complete novices. The Xplore seemed like luxury compared to a tent or bivvi bag. The layout suits out needs perfectly; the fixed beds at the back allow the girls to have their own space – a comfortable bed, plenty of storage and space for posters. The other living quarters are well designed and very comfortable and finished to a good standard. There are bigger and more luxurious options on the market, but we feel the Xplore 574 offers a good balance between comfort, space and weight. We rate our Xplore very highly.

(Editor’s Note: The Meeks have since switched from a caravan to a motorhome, and now travel in an Elddis Autoquest) 

What are your plans for the future?

The original plan was to take a year “out” and tour the UK but we are enjoying what we’re doing so much, we would like it to continue. Our plans are open – who knows what we’ll be doing in six months time. We might have returned to “normality” and got jobs and the girls might be back in school but if the opportunities come our way, which we sincerely hope they do, we hope to continue for a bit longer and possibly venture abroad.

Please do contact us if you want to hear more about our Year of EdVenture or what the future might hold!

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